King Kaka appeals to fans to help bring friend home

King Kaka (left),Caroline (right) Photo: Courtesy

King Kaka is appealing to all his fans to come together and help bring back home his friend Caroline Mumbua from India.

Caroline Mumbua, 24, is suffering from lupus is currently in India where she is being treated and with an outstanding bill of Ksh 3.4 million.

The rapper posted on his social media;

‘’Now Guys This is a good friend of mine, matter of fact a very good friend of mine called Carol, 24. She was diagnosed with Lupus.

After treatment trials here she was taken to India ???????? where she was treated but now shida iko hapa, she is not fully recovered and owes the hospital there 3.7 million Kshs.

Poster calling for help to offset the hospital bill Photo: Courtesy

Kwanza kabisa she is a super hero manze for the furthest she has fought. Let’s help my friend fight this and more so let's get her home.#BringCarolHome.

As little as Kshs 100 will help, Ata Kshs 50 ama kama ni ngumu Sana (which najua sio ngumu) , you can repost and someone somewhere can share the story.

Just before nimalize, kindly Google about Lupus and and Know more maybe you might save Another Carol Kabla it's too late. In the meantime Let's .#BringCarolHome.’’

With high costs associated with certain treatments locally, many ailing Kenyans are opting to seek for treatment in India where it is claimed to be more affordable.

 This is however debatable as costs go to their millions.