Controversial Vera Sidika Rated As Top Video Vixen In East Africa

                                                                   Vera Sidika 

By Stevens Muendo

Top Kenyan video girl and socialite Vera Sidika, aka Vee S Beiby, has been rated the top video vixen in East Africa, MondayBlues can confirm.

The bootylicious dancer, popular for her You Guy P Unit video sexy dance, was rated fourth out of the ten top video vixens in Africa during channel O’s 254 show that aired last night.

“I am so happy to be the first Kenyan, probably the first East African video vixen to achieve such a feat,”Vee S told MondayBlues during the exclusive interview.

“This means so much to me and my budding showbiz career. It means my ratings have gone high and I will have to charge more for every new contract I make from now on,” she added.