Boniface Mwangi hangs his boots on activism

                             Boniface Mwangi     Photo: Courtesy


By Sheila Kimani (@sheilakimm)

Since winning the Kenya’s CNN African Photojournalist of the Year Award in 2008, (thanks to his documentary where he tracked a police crackdown on the unlawful gang, Mungiki) Boniface Mwangi went on to become an adversely celebrated activist,  who has so far rubbed shoulders with government authorities one too many times.

After being part of one too many activist interviews and demonstrations for 5 years, the most recent one being the February 13th protests, which was up against government’s corruption, Bonnie admitted to finally hanging his boots and quitting activism.

In an interview with KTN’s James Smart, Bonnie pointed out that he was once willing to die for this country but has now realized that he would rather spend time being a father to his children

“I was once willing to die for this country, but I realized that it is too ‘selfish’ a country to die for, I would rather be a father to my children and raise my family” Bonnie said.

After five years of activism watch the news excerpts below and hear it all.