Of insecure women who hate their husbands’ ex wives

                   Insecure women who hate their husbands' ex-wife

According to most women, their man’s ex-girlfriend or wife should never appear in his life. Most women dislike their husbands’ or boyfriends’ ex-lovers, regardless of them having children together, jointly owned property among other things.

Even when a man is sick, most women don’t take it kindly when an ex to their man visits him to wish him well.

“Si waliwachana,anataka nini tena (for crying out loud, they separated, what else does she need)?” a jealous woman would wonder.

In that case, allow me to take you back to funeral of the late former South African president, Nelson Mandela.

One of the things that stood out was the civil way in which his ex-wife, Winnie Mandela, and his widow, Graca Machel.

The two held onto each other during the funeral service of the late giant of history, and at one time even pecked each other.

Now tell me, when was the last time you heard of a Kenyan man’s widow embracing his ex-wife, leave alone a woman rumored to have heard a fling with the deceased?


As a matter of fact, if a Kenyan widow realizes that his husband’s ex-wife is likely to show up at his funeral, she can even rush to court to seek restraining orders.

That is how it is, painful but very true. Kenyan women had a lot to learn from the cordial relationship between Winnie Mandela and Graca Machel. I mean, most Kenyan women just can’t stand their husbands associating with their ex wives or girlfriends.

Partly, this is the reason most women form at the mouth and sulk whenever they hear that their husbands are paying alimony or child support to their ex-girlfriends or wives.

So when you hear that a man is reluctant to pay the said fees to an ex wife or girlfriend, don’t blame him, in most cases, the reluctance has a lot to do with his present jealous wife.

To most women, once a man falls out with his ex-wife, she should disappear from the scene like a dead fly. But honestly, that is foolish thinking. A wise woman doesn’t allow herself to suffer ulcers over a man’s ex-wife.

She, instead, recognizes that a man’s past cannot be wished away. And as long as there is no monkey business going on between the two, there is nothing to worry about.

So when you agree to hook up with a man who has an ex-wife or two, please accept the fact that his ex might still be present in his life. I mean, divorce doesn’t mean that former lovers can never talk or have anything to do with each other again.

Therefore, as long as the relationship is not sexual, the two can go on with their business without you causing to wear a long face or cause an ugly scene.