Gor: "It wasn’t me but the president"

                                   Gor Semelang'o awards funds to the youth.


As he hosted hundreds of youth groups to an end of year party, the Youth Fund boss Gor Semelang’o, said the success of the project had everything to do with the government, and not him as an individual.

“I have been meeting many people who are praising and thanking me for making the Youth Fund cash easily available to youth groups and all I want to tell them is that this is not my doing, thank your president for making it a dream come true,” he said during the party.

“The government is simply ensuring that its pledges to the youth are fulfilled. Indeed, the youth are the biggest beneficiaries in this government,” he remarked.

He added that millions awaited young musicians and film makers adding that the fund was committed in helping the youth nurture their talent through awarding them loans.