Naivasha 'Vampire' cuts his five year old son and drinks his blood

Blood Spatter

Residents of a Village in Gilgil are in shock after a man went berserk and slashed his five year old son and drunk his blood. Shock and anger gripped residents of Karunga village after the bizarre incident only witnessed in horror movies.

The ' vampire' was rescued by police after members of the public set on him for the beastly act which left many in fear. The minor who was nursing injuries on various parts of the body was admitted in a local health centre as area residents tried to come to terms with the incident.

According to a witness Monica Wambui, the man used a knife to slash the minor in various parts of the body before sucking the blood. The neighbour said that this was not the first time the minor had been spotted nursing injuries on various part of his body. "The mother stumbled on the father licking blood from a fresh wound on the back of the minor and she raised the alarm," said the witness.

She added that the mother had on previous occasions questioned the injuries inflicted on the minor but the husband had warned her not to report the incident. Gilgil OCPD Serah Koki confirmed the arrest but was quick to deny that the suspect had been drinking the minors’ blood. She said that initial investigations indicated that the suspect attacked the minor using a sharp object after a domestic row.

"We have had rumours of blood sucking and this is untrue but investigations are going on over the incident," she said

Koki added that the suspect would be arraigned in court facing various charges as investigations into the incident continued. "The suspect will be arraigned in court facing various charges and the minor is recuperating after the unfortunate attack," she said.

In the village, the locals threatened to lynch the suspect if he was bonded by the court terming the incident as inhuman. "This is one of the worst incident in this area and we shall teach the suspect a lesson if he is released by the law courts,"