Size 8 celebrating gospel switch, to document her life in new TV show

Size 8 [Photo: Courtesy]

In 2013, singer Linet Munyali better known as Size 8 made a drastic switch; accepted Christ into her life, rebranded to Size 8 Reborn and ditched secular music for good.

When she first broke the news of her salvation through her hit song Mateke, not many were confident she could stay in it for long, and as she explains, God has been faithful and walked with her seven years on.

"The kind of music I was doing and the life I was living was a clear indication I could backslide in a day, but here I am, seven years strong in Christ," she said in an interview with Word Is.

The mother of two, however, admitted to almost giving up after losing her unborn child sometime in 2018 but opted to find comfort in God’s love.

The TV host recently posted a snippet of her upcoming TV documentary that will touch on her life journey more so her salvation promising to lay bare everything that concerns her faith. 

"Most people to date do not know the exact reason why I got saved, but I will explain that in the documentary. With it, people will be in a position to understand who Size 8 is," added the ‘Afadhali Yesu’ hitmaker.

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Decision to get saved

Before turning to the gospel, Size 8 was among top big wigs in the secular entertainment industry who commanded a massive following and earned loads of cash and endorsements.

Size 8 [Photo: Courtesy]

Even with this, the songbird explained that she was not at peace and felt empty. When she made a decision to quit secular music, she relocated to her parents’ residence for counsel.

“I have been born again for quite some time and my songs were in conflict with my faith. As much as I was making big cash and commanding a massive fan base, my heart was not at peace”

“Back then, I had made up my mind to go the gospel route and I wanted to break the news. I was already recording my first gospel song, Mateke, with Jacky B of Tamu Sana Records, before recording the video with Princecam Media. Everything had been done under tight secrecy and I only wanted the news to go out after releasing the song,” she said in a previous interview.

After the release of Mateke, her first-ever gospel song, many were taken aback by her decision as others including her family members congratulated her.

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The singer’s salvation came as a relief to her mother especially who, according to Size 8, never fancied her ‘booty-shaking performances’.

She then resolved to make music that will only glorify God and not man.

“My family is happy about my decision, especially my mother who always prayed for me day and night to get saved. The whole booty-shaking thing is now a thing of the past. I am doing everything for Jesus my Lord,” said Size 8.