Sailors’ Miracle Baby disses Boondocks’ x-Ray in latest Gengetone rift

Boondocks' X-Ray and Sailors' Miracle Baby.

Gengetone artistes X-Ray 'Taniua' and Peter Miracle Baby of Sailors have been shading one another, trading blows online, and ending in X-Ray uploading a video of what looks like Peter twerking.

The rift began when the Sailors poster boy blasted lyrics by Ethic Entertainment’s disgraced track, Soko.

Siwezi kimya mumechoma. Rape haifai ku glorifiwa. Shame on you,” Peter Miracle Baby commented online.

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This rubbed X-Ray the wrong way, and he accused the Pekejeng artiste of being a “snitch” and a “village boy”.

Peter retorted, proudly claiming his roots and, in a low blow at the Boondocks entertainer, added: “At least najua kulima, silimiwi dame”.

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Has Jovial quit Hailemind?


Sassy Swahili singer Jovial could have parted ways with Hailemind Entertainment, the music label she has been with for the better part of a year. In her latest serving on Tuesday, a song called Kolea, which is a collaboration with Aphajiri, Jovial is doing her own publicity – a strange move for the artiste whose music is always hyped by Hailemind through press releases.

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“I’m just doing this on my own,” she coyly said when Pulse asked if she left Hailemind, the label that previously worked with Nadia Mukami.