Nadia Mukami’s car gift to her parents

Nadia Mukami.

Singer Nadia Mukami recently gifted her mother and father a car. Announcing the excited news on her social media, Nadia posted pictures of her parents with their new ride and logbook in hand.

“The latest owners of a car, Baba na Mama Nadia Mukami, my parents. God is good they are holding their logbook,” she wrote.

Not long after Nadia’s fans were in her comment section to commending her for the job well done.

“Wacha corona iishe utaona vile bookings za events zitajaa....God is happy when you take care of your parents!” wrote Comedian Jalang’o.

Cate Chris CEO Christopher Kirwa  also applauded the singer from making her parents proud.

“This is awesome, make your parents proud,” he said.


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Low moment

Before her comeback and big reveal, the Lola crooner had made a decision to exit social media after a series of online bullying. In the emotional post, Nadia explained that she was fed up with the insults she had been receiving from trolls and felt it was time she stepped back and took some time off to reflect on her life.

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Speaking of trolls, the singer was some time back forced to take legal action against a fan by the name Stella Bella after publishing defamatory content about her.

Nadia through her lawyer explained that they had reported the matter to the DCI and investigations were underway.

“The management of Nadia Mukami Sevens Creative Hub, are deeply shocked at the defamatory Facebook post authored by Stella Njagi who goes by the name Stella Bella on Facebook. This defamatory post meant to besmirch the reputation of Nadia Mukami posted on Sunday 26th April 2020 at 9pm, The post bears untrue statements and insults meant to injure the reputation of Nadia Mukami who has always kept a clean track record in all her business and person dealing with individual and organizations” read part of the statement.