Edgar Obare out to 'punish' Shaq The Yungin

Obare [Photo: Courtesy]

Popular citizen journalist Edgar Obare has set his sights on making an example of media personality Shaq The Yungin for not ‘towing the line’.

With Shaq The Yungin seemingly taunting the influential blogger on his Instagram captions with posts that trolled Edgar’s army of secret snitches using the ‘Hide My Identity’ tag, this common phrase is used when Edgar’s reporters reveal gossip to their anchor, and Shaq seemed to have triggered them through his post.

Quickly, Shaq’s innuendo posts were all over Edgar stories for dissection.

In typical Edgar fashion, he launched an uproar on his instigator, with revelation after another coming in flying with claims of “Shaq lives a fake it till you make it lifestyle”, “Shaq is broke”, “Shaq stays at his mom’s house” and “Shaq asks people to buy him drinks in the club” in a bid to disarm the popular TV and radio personality.

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Insult after insult towards Shaq Oduk and his posse of friends Tanasha Donna, Barak Jacuzzi and Sean Preezy trailed, with many Edgar fans shaming them for ‘being broke’ and living ‘social media lifestyles’.

Shaq has been feeling the heat as a video of him sloppy drunk and shoe-less surfaced and netizens have been looking for every reason to get a roast at him.

The roast seems to be coming from Edgar’s camp as Shaq continues to taunt them.