Willy Paul fires back after Bahati claimed he wrote songs for him

Bahati and Willy Paul.

Willy Paul has responded to gospel singer Bahati after the latter publicly claimed that he used to write songs for him when they were starting out in the music industry. In the post, Bahati admitted that he misses the old days with Willy Paul.

“The days I used to write songs for this small boy. I've missed our childish days bro #WillisRadido,” said Bahati.

Willy Paul did not take that lightly and in his response, said that Bahati was confusing him with Weezdom.

“My brother Bahati naskia ulikua uniandikia songs…Mimi? Uko sure ni mimi? Ooh lord, give mtoto wa Diana his memory back! He’s mistaking me for Weezdom. Let me remind you Baba, naitwa King Willy Paul. Much love,” he wrote on Instagram.

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The Saldido International records owner further invited Bahati to his home for a drink of hot water and lemon that would serve to refresh Bahati’s memory.

“Pitia home kesho kuna maji moto na ndimu at least itaku help. Guys what should I do to this small boy?” he posed.

The two have never seen eye to eye and at some point, gospel industry players tried bringing them together. Just the other day, Willy Paul put up a wedding inspired photo, asking his fans to notify Bahati that he’d also decided to settle down.

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing. Wapi Bahati aone hii mambo! Congratulations to me” wrote Willy Paul.

The post captured Bahati’s attention, who revealed that he was also following Willy Paul’s footsteps with his music after doing a number of collaborations with Gengetone artistes.

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“Pozee naona umefuata advise yangu. Ata mimi nafuata yako but si rahisi,” Bahati replied.

Bahati has been the talk of the town for the past few weeks as trolls have been on his case. Recently, he irked a section of Kenyans on Twitter after he demanded that they address him with some respect because he will one day become president.

“I will be the president of this country one day, so address me with some respect,” he tweeted.

Willy Paul has not been spared either.

In a bid to display his driving ‘mastery’ the singer shared a video of himself driving along a highway with his hands of the steering wheel. In the video, he uses his knees to navigate the steering wheel while sipping coffee.