I don’t want to come back to this, DJ Mo to wife Size 8 on having more kids

Ladasha, Dj Mo and Size 8 [Photo: Instagram @size8reborn]

Popular Crossover 101 DJ Samuel Muraya, better known as DJ Mo, has proven how much of a sport working from home can be if you have toddlers who want your attention when you need to get some work in.

Taking to Instagram, the father of two begged his wife to take family planning seriously as he was not willing to have another child. In the video DJ, is seen trying to get some work done on his computer with his oldest daughter Ladasha playing on his back while he tried to rock Muraya Jr. in his chair. 

“Wacha nikuambie hii quarantine itatumaliza. Kama hawa ni watoto wawili wananistress hivi usiwahi nirudishe hapa tafadhali tufunge hapo. Chapter ya watoto closed I don’t want to come back to this anymore… family planning is very important.

“Maisha ni kujipanga weh ...Anyway please @size8reborn don’t tell me to add another one hawa wametosha... najua mtoto anakuja na sahani ule but family planning is very important ...Wanaume wanaelewa hapa #Tujulishane,” he said.

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Size message to women

Dj Mo’s plea comes days after Size 8 took to Instagram to remind her female followers that with men at home due to coronavirus lockdown, wives, especially those not ready to conceive, must stress on the use of contraceptives.

"On that note lazima tukumbushane as the committee of wives we have an agenda that has just come up, please remember to use family planning tafadhali kama unatumianga contraceptives endelea kutumia tafadhali, wale hawataki Watoto sahii tujulishane tuambiane But we are still happy that they are at home, tunafurahi sana sisi kama wanawake,” wrote Size 8.

Dj Mo and Size 8 [Photo: Instagram @size8reborn]

Pregnancy complications

During her second pregnancy, the Pale Pale crooner disclosed that she almost lost her life due to serious health complications.

“For me, getting here is a miracle. I almost died several times because of this pregnancy. It does not matter whether you have Sh10 million or Sh1 million; if you do not have life, you cannot enjoy what you have,” narrated Size 8.

 “I used to feel a sharp pain as if oxygen was not getting into my brain and started convulsing. At some point, I started getting minor strokes where my left side was completely paralyzed. I remember being taken for MRI scans.

“They were trying to find out if I had organ failure. They changed my medication and directed me to see a heart physician, where I was given some medicine and told to report back regularly for check-up. My pressure, later on, normalised a little bit," shared Size 8.

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Because of her condition, the Ni Yesu singer said she had to deliver her baby prematurely to save his life and hers.

 “Last week is when the convulsions became excessive. I informed my doctor that the unborn baby was not active and was I immediately admitted. I couldn’t breathe nor walk. I was completely off…

“The last scan I had revealed that I had 34 weeks, four days. So they were trying to see if they could buy more time. They tested and discovered that the baby’s heart rate was above 180 and concluded that they could not hold on anymore," she added.