We have not abandoned Kenyans- MP Caleb Amisi as he sponsors coronavirus song

Saboti MP Caleb Amisi.

Saboti MP Caleb Amisi has released a song sensitising Kenyans on the dangers of the coronavirus. The song which features several upcoming musicians was sponsored by the legislator through his eponymous charity organisation. The song, titled Corona Ni Hatari addresses the importance of hand washing and self-distancing.

“Beba beba sanitizer dada, salamu hewani dada,” part of the song goes.

The song also seeks to dispel the myth that the deadly virus cannot adversely affect Africans while highlighting the economic impact of the scourge.

Speaking to SDE, the legislator said that he sought to educate youths on the virus through a language they can understand-music.

“Despite the government’s directive on self-isolating, the youth do not seem to understand the dangers of coronavirus and are going about their business as usual. They have misguided notions that the virus can’t affect Africans or survive in Kenya because of the climatic conditions.

“That’s why I sought to pass on the message through music, a language the youth understand well,” said the MP, adding that he was among MPs who pushed for the Sh200 million payout to musicians by the government.

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Banning flights

Amisi also admitted that the government delayed in banning flights into the country, a move he says could be costly for the country. “The government delayed in banning flights into Kenya. We (MPs) questioned the Cabinet Secretary for foreign affairs on why they had not banned flights but they said it’s just a normal virus and that there’s nothing more to it.

“If the ban was imposed earlier, we’ll not have used as many resources as we are going to. We’ll use humongous amounts of money fighting something that could be prevented,” he said. Dismissing accusations that MPs have abandoned Kenyans amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the legislator said that they have limited platforms to communicate with the public. “The only forums politicians get are the press, public rallies and parliament but cannot currently utilise them due to social distancing rules.

“However, we have an online bunge and have been submitting our suggestions though the platform. 90% of what you see Health CS Mutahi Kagwe implementing are suggestions from MPs,” he said.