Coronavirus: WCB’s Mkubwa Fella updates on Sallam, Mwana FA and quarantined team

Mkubwa Fella and Diamond Platnumz. Photo: Courtesy.

WCB record label manager Said ‘Mkubwa’ Fella has given an update on the condition of his colleague Sallam Sharaf and rapper Mwana FA, both diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19).  Speaking to Bongo 5 on April 1, Fella also addressed the status of the WCB team currently in quarantine after returning from Europe.

According to Fella, Sallam is faring well and responding to treatment.

“I have a tradition of calling Sallam at night and early morning. He called me today at around 9 am after I delayed in calling him. He told me that he’s recovering well and only has few days left for treatment,” he said.

Sallam announced he’d tested positive for the virus on March 19 after returning from Europe on March 14. He toured Denmark, France and Switzerland alongside Diamond Platnumz before the singer’s shows were cancelled because of the pandemic. Sallam recently assured his social media followers that he’s doing well, expressing gratitude at those praying for his recovery.

Sallam Sharaf. Photo: Courtesy.

WCB team, Mwana FA

Fella also sought to dispel any notions that the WCB team currently in quarantine has the deadly virus, adding that the isolation is in line with a directive by the government of Tanzania.

“They landed from abroad and the government instructed them to look for a place and self-quarantine for 14 days. They are doing fine,” he said.

According to Fella, the team is taking the quarantine seriously and a medical practitioner checks up on them every few days. The WCB team under quarantine is believed to be made up of Diamond, Lava Lava, dancers and Lukamba, a photographer.

Fella also assured rap fans that Khamis Mwinjuma alias Mwana FA is okay.

Mwana FA. Photo: Courtesy.

“I speak to Mwana FA every day. Since the facility they are being treated in is close to my home, I take food and drinks to them” he said.

Fella, who is also the councillor for Kilungule Ward in Dar es Salaam asked for players in the entertainment industry to pray for forgiveness as the pandemic sweeps across the world.

“We need to ask God for prayers for whatever wrongs done whether by ourselves, neighbours or even other countries. We must inform our fans about the dangers of the virus; We must be keen because, at the end of the day, a healthy fan is a good fan.

“In all, let’s learn to give thanks. Let’s thank God for the coronavirus and ask him to protect us.”

This comes a day after Diamond broke news that WCB producer Iraju Hamisi Mjege alias Lizer Classic had tested positive for the virus. According to Diamond, Lizer’s close connection and frequent contact with Sallam could have led to him contracting the virus.

Sallam Sharaf, Lizer Classic and Diamond Platnumz. Photo: Courtesy.

On March 31, the Tanzania health ministry said that the country had registered its first coronavirus-related death. The deceased 49-year-old is said to have had an underlying health condition. As of March 30, confirmed coronavirus were 19 with two in Zanzibar and the rest in mainland Tanzania.