Natalie Tewa’s message as she marks a year after publicized breakup

Natalie Tewa.

It’s been a year since popular vlogger Natalie Tewa and ex-boyfriend Moses Rnaze Mukiibi called it quits. Recalling their nasty split, Natalie admitted being stuck and not knowing if she would make it this far. According to the pretty lass, the tough times she faced were a blessing in disguise as God has blessed her beyond her imagination.

“And just like that, it’s been a year since your girl hit rock bottom. Looking back, I honestly didn’t think I would make it through it all, but look how much has changed since then? Look at me now. I now know for sure that there’s nothing God can give you that you cannot overcome.

“It’s all part of the process. If a door shuts, 10 others open up. So trust in him and keep rising my loves,” she wrote.

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The former couple’s much-publicized breakup rocked the internet after Rnaze accused Natalie of cheating on him while he was out of town.

“She cheated, I ended it. Came back from Uganda to a terrible surprise. I was only gone for four days,” he posted. Natalie, on the other hand, accused him of being physically and emotionally abusive.

“I actually have to speak about this emotional and physical abuse that has been going on. Physically abusive men need to be put in jail. And also, please forgive Rnaze and myself for not working things out. We really tried and that is why I said couple goals is overrated,” she said.

Natalie further accused Rnaze of jealousness for allegedly deleting her videos from YouTube and Instagram.

Natalie Tewa and Moses Rnaze Mukiibi.

“I wasn’t going to make this a public affair until he went ahead to delete my work from Integra and YouTube. People don’t want to see you do better that them…that’s how far they can go,” she wrote.

Not long after, Rnaze attributed Natalie’s success to his efforts.

Frankie Justgymit

After their breakup, Natalie was rumored to have moved on with fitness trainer Frankie Kiarie, who had also split with his baby mama, Maureen Waititu, allegations he strongly refuted.

Frankie stated that claims that he was in a relationship with Tewa were 'farfetched.’

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“Good morning guys just want to address a few things. There has been rumours and speculations which we tried to ignore but it’s getting out of hand. Not every woman that I talk to, work with or post is in a relationship with me. Kindly let us be mature about this.”

“Natalie Tewa... This story is too farfetched” he wrote.

On her part, Natalie, who was out of the country at the time expressed shock and dismissed the dating rumours as baseless.