Enforce the law but also follow guidelines - Janet Mbugua to police

Janet Mbugua [Photo: Courtesy]

Media personality Janet Mbugua has weighed in on how the police are handling the enforcement of the 7 pm to 5 am curfew.

Reacting to photos and videos circulating online of police officers descending with batons, kicks and blows on helpless Kenyans who, for one reason or the other could not make it home in time, Mbugua denounced the act as barbaric.

According to the mother of two, there was nothing at all that justified the way the police handled the situation.

“There is no excuse for this brutality. None at all. And when people are done excusing this excessive force and they later realize that the way the curfews are being handled could actually spread #coronavirus, they should have a very long hard look at their privilege. Now is the time to look out for each other,” she wrote.

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Mbugua noted that the police’s excessive action that saw some huddle up may have actually exacerbated the problem.

“How does it help when everyone is running in each other touching their face coz of the teargas? Guess what, that’s exactly what spread corona. Enforce the law while following the guidelines. This isn’t a scenario like any other. it wasn’t only cruel of them but also unwise,” she tweeted.

Janet Mbugua [Photo: Courtesy]

Janet’s sentiments come shortly after Kenyans put singer Suzanna Owiyo on the spot after supporting the police during the enforcement of curfew.

In a tweet that she later deleted, Suzanna expressed her displeasure with Kenyans and termed them as ‘vichwa ngumu’.

“We are not at war, yes but at times policemen/women are forced to go hard on Wanjiku simply because of Tuko Vichwa ngumu’. Plan yourself not to be caught up on the wrong side of the law. Your safety is important as well as your health. Can we all have an understanding here?” She wrote.

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In a rejoinder, Suzanna stated that the police are on a delicate balancing mission and we all need to support them.

“My fellow Kenyans. From your reaction to my tweet, you do agree with me that the Policewomen/men are on a very delicate mission of protecting us and at the same time maintaining law and order. It’s a difficult job and we need to support them by cooperating.” She added.

The 44-year old Kisumu 100 hitmaker reiterated that the virus must be contained and clarified her stance.

“I may have come out strong on the language and tone of my message. Let us keep our eyes on the pandemic and do everything within our powers to contain the virus. Having said this, please note that I do not endorse #PoliceBrutality,” she wrote.