Covid-19 awareness: Kenyans react to Senator Sakaja, sons’ impressive rap skills

Senator Sakaja with his sons [Photo: Twitter]

Nairobi County Senator Johnson Sakaja has with his two sons released a rap video in a bid to raise awareness about Covid-19.

“This is a public announcement,” Senator Sakaja captioned the 57-second clip that has since its release on March 28, garnered over 123,000 views on his Twitter page.

In the clip, the trio urged Kenyans to take precautionary measures, heed government directives on how best to combat the virus that as of March 29 seen 42 people test positive in Kenya and emphasized on the need to stay at home to halt the spread of the pandemic.

“We came plugged in like a charger na kuna vitu tunataka kutaja because corona has become larger than the NIC-CBA merger,” the trio started.

“…for instance, try and keep some social distance, wash your hands with soap and water; check your temperature if it’s getting hotter. Check your time, fika home saa moja,” they went on.

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A message delivered with ease, matching energy and flawless rhythm courtesy of the senator’s creative table-tapping and rich lyrics.

According to interactions on his feed, it struck a chord, and tops in its agenda that celebrated musicians across the globe have sought in the past weeks to pass across as the death toll from the disease rises.

In Uganda, presidential hopeful Bobi Wine hit the studio and released ‘Corona Virus Alert’ alongside compatriot Nubian Li wherein, they too, advocate for personal hygiene and social distance.

In Tanzania, singer Rayvanny is riding high with Corona that featured insights from President John Pombe Magufuli and shares tips he said helps in stemming the spread of coronavirus.

Further afield, Brazilian rapper MV Bill is challenging slum dwellers in his country through his latest release “Quarantine” to step up and protect themselves.

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Here are a few messages in celebration of Sakaja and his son’s efforts in the fight against the disease.