The world is hurting of coronavirus, says Kambua in letter to God

Kambua [Photo: Courtesy]

Award-winning gospel singer-songwriter Kambua Mathu has written an open letter to God regarding the Coronavirus pandemic.

In her letter posted on her Instagram account, the mother of one cried to God in total surrender acknowledging that we indeed need God’s deliverance.

“Dear God, we come to you, in our anxiety, fear, confusion...but also in total surrender and trust in you. You say that you keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you,” she wrote.

According to the Bado Nasimama hitmaker, the world is hurting, crippled by the disease.

“The world is hurting, crippled by a disease we cannot understand. Help us God. Deliver us. Strengthen our hearts and bring clarity to our minds. Bless the health workers and give them wisdom and understanding. Give comfort to all who are ailing and those who have lost loved ones,” she cried out to God.

In the letter, Kambua asked God to bring healing and a solution amidst the global crisis.

“Bring healing God, because nothing is above your matchless name- the name of Jesus, at which every knee must bow. We plead the blood of Jesus. God, remember mercy. In your name, Amen,” she prayed.

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Kambua joins fellow celebrity Prezzo in prayer who a day ago stated that God is punishing the world with Covid-19.

According to the former Big Brother Africa finalist, God is angry:“God is punishing us. Mwenyezi Mungu anatupiga adhabu dunia nzima kwasababu amekasirika na sisi kwa dhambi tunazofanya. Amekasirika kwasababu hatufati amri kumi alizotupa. Tupigeni magoti na tukiri makosa yetu. Kufanya kosa sio kosa ila kurudia kosa ndio kosa. Binafsi mimi sio mlokole lakini nawapa ukweli wangu ninavyohisi na mnaweza kunikosoa kama nimekosea. It’s never too late because our God is a living and forgiving God. Let’s do right by him. Have mercy on us and forgive us through it all.”

Kambua [Photo: Courtesy]

Postpartum alopecia

She earlier this week opened up on experiencing postpartum alopecia, a temporary hair loss phase experienced by some women after childbirth.

In her Instagram post, the musician shared details of her hair loss and revealed that she had to get her hair temporarily locked.

“And then my hair! A girl got her hair temporarily locked because let me tell you, postpartum alopecia is real and if @chimoga254 hadn't convinced me to lock it, I was ready to get it cut,” read part of the post.

Kambua, who has never shied away from speaking about her struggles to conceive, revealed to Parents Magazine that she felt the pressure to bear children immediately after her marriage to pastor Jackson Mathu.

"I feel like as soon as a wedding ends, there are expectations of when you will start a family and of course, society piles the pressure on the woman, especially to conceive," she disclosed during the candid interview.

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In the interview, Kambua also confessed that she secluded herself from most of her friends, mostly because they all had babies, as all their topics revolved around their little bundles of joy -which was too much for her at the time.

"You realise as the years go by that you have less in common to talk about because their children become the focal point of conversation. It triggered and magnified my pain," she confessed.

"It really healed a part of me because I loved them and they loved me back. It helped me not to break and to make peace with the fact that children come in all sorts of ways,

"I changed my prayer for God to bless me in the way that He chose to," she explained.