Bored on lockdown? Keep your relationship alive with these five tips

It is time to reconnect [Photo: Shutterstock]

With most people stuck in the house due to the Coronavirus outbreak, it is important for couples in lockdown to engage in fun activities to kill boredom.

Here is a list of five simple things that go a long way in keeping the spark alive.

Talk, unwind, plan

There is no other perfect time to address any pending issues you’ve had in your relationship than now. If you and your better half have been putting off something now is the time to bring it up.

If it is a sensitive matter, opt to bring it up cautiously and in a loving way to avoid fights and arguments that will result in having a hard time being around each other.

Remind each other of your love and reflect on the beautiful moments you’ve had together. Use this opportunity to discuss future plans and projects you would like to embark on together.

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At-home spa day

In the spirit of unwinding, try and have an at-home spa date. Make detoxifying smoothies, do a skincare routine with a face mask, offer each other massages, as though you were in a spa.

This will help both of you relax and bond more. Furthermore, it might be his fast time doing a face mask, should be fun.

Try out new things

Since you have more time now, try and pick up something new to try often. For example, trying out new recipes and cooking together. If you are used to exercising alone, try doing workouts and motivate each other.

Learn how to edit videos or pictures if you are in the digital space, that’s a skill that will come in handy especially when you can finally go out and take killer photos for the gram.

Clean and declutter together

As a couple, use this opportunity to rid your spaces of things you do not need. You can clean the house together and declutter at the same time.

Cleaning out your closet might be fun, in that you can try out the clothes you would like to keep or let go of and your partner will be there to help you make the decision.

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Movie night, Game night or date night

For movie night, pick out a movie that both of you will enjoy, make a few snacks and cuddle on the couch. Try not to fall asleep!

For game night, try and be more competitive, this will bring energy to the game and both of you will enjoy it. Have prizes for the winner, this will definitely spark a winning spirit.

Date night; this is the best part! Cook your favourite meals, light candles, set the table, dress up and play your favourite music in the background, as though you were going out for a date.

Use this time to catch up, toast, plan, and remind each other of your love. Happy quarantine!