Quarantine chronicles: Willy Paul bashes artists funded by sugar mummies

Willy Paul performs at Sebs Club Nakuru in Nakuru on Janurary 2, 2020.

Singer Wilson Abubakar Radido alias Willy Paul has made fun of fellow artists allegedly funded by older, married women.

Through a video on Instagram, the Njiwa hitmaker told off the said artistes and cautioned them against asking for cash from their sponsors during this crisis period.

“Kwa wale wasanii mmezoea kuomba wamama pesa mnang’ara ng’ara na pesa ya wamama unaita mama rika ya mama yako eti babe ndio akulipie rent na akufanyie video. Hashiki simu? Tafadhali heshimu huyo mama ana quarantine na bwanake” he said.

The 26-year-old singer also had a word for young girls who are in relationships with older, married men otherwise known as sugar daddies. According to him, the old men are busy with their families in the wake of covid-19 pandemic.

“Kwa wale wasichana wanapigia pigia bwana za watu simu unapigia sponsor simu hashiki umeachwa peke yako katika muda huu ana quarantine na bibi yake tafadhali heshimu hiyo. Wacheni ujinga this is a very serious time and we need to be very serious. Kuomba omba pesa muache” he added.

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This comes less than a month after the singer was on the receiving end from netizens and celebrities for a controversial social media post. Willy Paul shared a video on Instagram depicting a man violently hitting a woman, causing her to fall on the ground.

“Karate! Ladies kuweni rada, msinyime watu wa karate jut give them,” read his caption.

That did not settle well with Janet Mbugua, who is known to be at the forefront of advocating for gender equality and rights of the girl child. The mother of two warned Willy Paul against posting such videos which try to normalize violence against women.

“Don’t post such videos, it’s reckless and makes it seem ‘funny’ to be violent,” she wrote.

Willy Paul.

Shortly afterwards, he deleted the post. Later on, during an interview with Word Is, Pozze apologized and said it wasn't his intention.

"People didn't understand the fun part of it, someone sent it to me and I posted," he said.

"I didn't know it negatively affected people and if that's the case, I ask for forgiveness. That wasn't my motive."

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Before that, veteran gospel singer Gloria Muliro said that she prays for Willy Paul because she does not approve of some of the music videos he makes. Muliro said she would work with Willy Paul again.

“As a mother, I love Willy Paul because every parent has different children. I pray for him. I don’t agree with the music he does,” she said.

He is currently making waves with the song 'Magnetic', in which he introduces his 'wife'.

"The song is about how someone attracts you, the power of the attraction of a magnet. It was inspired by my wife," he said.

"She is Jamaican, we have known each other for a long time now. Along the way, a lot has happened. I didn't see the need to share dowry photos because no one will help me live with her,” he said.