Should born again women wear makeup and trousers? Size 8 responds

Size 8.

Gospel singer Size 8 has offered her opinion on how born again, Christian women should dress.  The singer was responding to a fan’s question on her standpoint regarding born-again Christian women wearing trousers and applying makeup.

“Is it right mtu aliye okoka kuvaa trouser or to apply make-up? I need an answer please,” Mercy Ramsey asked the singer who was wearing a blue jumpsuit and spotted a TV-ready, made-up face.

“Yes, very right,” read part of the gospel singer’s response.

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As fans probed her further, she added that what matters most is a person’s heart and not their clothes of choice.

“The most important thing is the heart to God, never the outside. You can be in a long, very free dress but your heart as wicked and dirty as the devil himself. God said men look in the outside but I look at the heart in the book of 1 Samuel 16:7,” wrote the artiste.

In an interactive session with her fans, Size 8 said that inner beauty was more important than outer beauty.

“Again I will speak of the verse you have quoted according to the written language. Read it carefully it is not saying “don’t put makeup or dress well”. Apostle Peter, the writer of that chapter is encouraging women to pay more attention to the inner beauty than their outwards beauty,” wrote the Afadhali Yesu singer.

Size 8. Photo: Courtesy.

The mother of two recently encouraged youth to stay away from drugs while promoting her new song High Bila Ndom, meaning ‘high without cannabis’ released on 14 March.

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“You can run to Jesus, you don’t need those drugs…and if you are unable to stop, Jesus can help you! Salvation is free of charge just believe and confess in Jesus!” wrote the popular singer.

Real name Linet Muraya, Size 8 shot to the limelight as a secular artiste in 2011, with tracks that topped urban charts, including Shamba Boy and Vidonge. She transitioned to gospel music in early 2013, passionately singing about her love for the Christian life, which she said brings her peace.