Shetta’s posh Land Rover Discovery seized by authorities

Shetta [Photo: Instagram @officialshetta]

Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) has seized a Land Rover Discovery belonging to Nurdin Bilal Ally, also known as Shetta or Baba Qayllah.

Speaking to Bongo 5, the Nidanganye hitmaker confirmed the reports adding that he has already initiated plans to repossess the car.

“Ni kweli gari imekamatwa na TRA. Lakini tunaifuatilia sababu ilikamatwa nikiwa mimi sipo. Ilikua Dar es Salaam,” he said.

Shetta went ahead and clarified that he has cleared his name over any due tax but TRA insisted that they needed to verify a few things concerning the car.

“Nafikiri kwenye upande wa Ushuru limeangaliwa liko vizuri. Ushuru wote umelipwa lakini nafikiri wanaifanyia ukaguzi Zaidi kwa sababu kwenye system inaonekana kama ime over stay.

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"Lakini nafikiri ni mambo ambayo TRA wanayafuatilia na mimi nafuatilia kuhakikisha kwamba kama kuna issue ya ripoti itoke au kama kuna issue ya malipo, penalty na kila kitu tumalizane nayo,” he added.

Shetta [Photo: Courtesy]

The flamboyant singer is not new to controversy. In 2019, he was talk in town after fellow artist Ben Pol accused him and Harmonize of sliding into his fiancé’s DM.

“As a gentleman ukisikia vitu kama hivyo si vizuri kuweka kwenye public. Angeniambia tu bro wife kaniambia hivi na hivi na mimi ningemwambia that’s not true.

@Hamna ukweli kwa hilo. Mimi sio stupid kuona watu wako kwa mahusiano serious halafu mimi namtext DM,” Harmonize defended himself.

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Ben Pol later, however, hushed the fallout and maintained that Shetta’s interactions with Anerlisa Muigai was , perhaps, business-oriented.

“Shetta is my friend and we had even planned to collabo. Maybe he had reached out to her to do business. You can´t prevent your lover to do business. You shouldn´t be the cause as to why your lover can´t wish someone else a happy birthday or happy new year,” Ben Pol was quoted saying.

That is not all.

In 2016, the singer ignited a heated debate on social media with critics accusing him of not using black women in his music videos.

Shetta [Photo: Instagram @officialshetta]

In his defence, the 29-year-old singer said that he is keen on professionalism when it comes to his choice of vixens.

“I do use black women in my videos. But I go for professionalism; it doesn’t matter what colour the models are. I need people who can do stuff at the drop of a hat and adapt easily on set. There’s no need to feature black women in your videos just for the sake of it,” he said.

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He, at the same time, was quick to point out that he does not pay much attention to naysayers adding that he acknowledges that black women are beautiful.

“Black women are beautiful. In Shikorobo I used both. I don’t fault them for their comments but I don’t pay much attention to naysayers, I read comments that will build me up positively,” he added.