Jamal Gaddafi saves man from mob outside city supermarket

Jamal Gaddafi intervened [Photo: Instagram @jamalgaddafiofficial]

A man on Friday, March 13, escaped death by a whisker at the hands of a mob in Nairobi’s Moi Avenue area.

This is after KTN Burudani host Jamal Gaddafi, with others, intervened and pleaded with the mob for his life.

According to Gaddafi, the man was allegedly busted stealing from a car at around midnight near Naivas Supermarket.

Gaddafi explained that the suspect attempted to flee but was nabbed by the ad hoc mob that proceeded to 'administer justice'.

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In a video circulating on social media, Gaddafi, however, called for him to be spared and alerted police officers of the escalating situation.

“The bloodied youth you see in the video was nabbed stealing a side mirror. When spotted, he fled, but a crowd gave chase and he was caught. An accomplice said to have been with him, however, managed to escape. I calmed them down for a bit and called the police,” Gaddafi to SDE.

Affirming that the man’s life hang by a thread and would have been lynched to death, a police officer is heard in the video thanking Gaddafi for his timely intervention.

“Kama hungekuwa hapo, wangemaliza huyo kijana.”

Gaddafi, at the same time, noted that while the suspect was arrested and taken to Central Police station, the incident was a symptom of a bigger economic challenge forcing many, especially the youth who are grappling with unemployment, over the edge.

“The product of bad governance bad economy and poverty,” he wrote on Instagram.

A line of thought supported by many of his followers.

“What I always say. If only our Government would focus on creating more jobs opportunities this boys and ladies roaming the streets stealing and selling themselves couldn't be in existence! So annoyed and hurt,” shared one.

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Another added: “People will never understand that we all brothers and sisters. Am not supporting theft but at some point, we got to understand why these people steal. They lack especially with our current state of economy. Real thieves are in parliament stealing billions but we still worship and leak their a**es when they come to ground level. Thank you Jamal you saved a life.”

“Stealing is haram and charity begins at home stop blaming govt...Vijana wajitume wale kwa jasho lao mkisema mnasaidia mtasaidia wangapi. Kenya yenyewe nchi maskini gvt itasaidia walemavu ama watu wenye wamebarikiwa na Allah Mikono,miguu na afya… Hongera kwa kumuokoa ila umtafutie mtaji ajiajiri hata kama ni kuuza maji na mkokoteni,” penned a third.