Singer Bruz Newton taps into Gengetone, explains move

Bruz Newton [Photo: Courtesy]

Singer Bruz Newton of the Bazokizo fame is back with Washa Moto, a Gengetone iced track featuring UGA Boyz.

Speaking to Kiss 100, Newton explained his surprise move to embrace the genre as a calculated punch to augment his versatility as a creative.

Newton noted that he has not changed as an artist nor has he laid down what he represents.

“I just decided to make music without walls around me, because I’m a creative. We were not created to be in walls but be free to exploit and showcase our potentials without limits.

"I also want to be the next great performer, because before music I’m a dance choreographer and I want to dance to anything without feeling condemnation,” said Newton.

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He added that as an artist, he recognizes that music is not condensed, and, has spotted gaps that, he said, he has the capacity to harness and exploit in tandem with his potential.

“There is a gap in the music industry for a great act who can sing and dance. I’ve not changed who I am I’ve just realized that beyond what I did, “Bruz Newton” is a product that hasn’t been utilized enough and I want to make use of the product and make sure it’s progressive and productive enough to help me reach greatness,” he added.

The singer pointed out that the ‘switch’ was not a radical out of the blue decision, but a choice made out of a concerted desire to be better.

“I’ve taken enough time to study music and music business, to learn the basics and foundation of becoming a great act and what it requires for me to reach and for me to reach I had to study great people, from how they started to where they are. Be sure of no mediocrity,” said Newton.

Released three years ago, Bazokizo was Newton’s grand entry into the industry.

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The song that featured 35 dancers was the choreographer’s victory lap alongside Collo, the self-proclaimed King wa Rap, in celebration of salvation. It bagged Collabo Of The Year award at the Groove Awards in 2017.

Zigwembe ya Yesu was a masterpiece and cemented the star as a stand-alone force as a singer, lyricist and dance extraordinaire.