My first sale was Sh10,000- Lilian Muli on her side hustle

Lilian Muli [Photo: Courtesy]

Veteran TV anchor Lilian Muli has opened up about her debut in business and revealed that she made peanuts but soldiered on.

According to the mother of two, she wanted to give up but still pushed on because, deep down, she knew that it was what she wanted.

Taking to social media to celebrate her milestones, the sassy presenter shared lessons and the feeling she got when she first made Sh10,000.

“I’m just saying there’s nothing as gratifying as investing in a business and seeing it grow. I remember how when I started my fashion line my first sale was for 10k and I was so excited.

"I learnt a lot of lessons from that start-up. At some point, it wasn’t what I wanted to do anymore but I made all my money back with some profit,” she posted.

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She a month ago launched an exquisite beauty parlour 'La modelle' that she revealed is pretty much for the high-end clientele.

"It is international standards," she told Word Is. 

The parlour, she noted, having gone to a salon all her life, has the experience she has been having and those she has not been getting.

"We have so many services in salons and I know the services that are lacking. I knew I wanted to have a certain feel for the salon and that is what I have done to make sure those who come will get the services they want... I visit a salon every day and so it is easy to know what fits well with people," Lilian said.

In February this year, the anchor disclosed that she is headstrong in is not tied to societal expectations especially on how to live her life.

"I am an extremely opinionated woman and I have a strong personality, I really really know how to talk back," Muli stated in a video posted on her Instagram account.

"When you say that a woman is too loud or too out there, what exactly do you mean? Do you mean that after all the years our parents took into our education that I am going to sit back and let you watch me not have an opinion? How does that even work?" Muli questioned.

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She went on to add that a lot of men way of thinking had been influenced by how they were raised.

"Guys believe that when they were growing up, their fathers did not talk a certain way to their mothers, their mothers were home at a certain time, their mothers cooked a certain way, dressed a certain way.

"It is as if you guys are looking for your mothers in us and that's a good thing but I have sons and I hope they won't look for me in their wives because that is unfair and it would be a lot of pressure," she continued.