Couple discover they are brother and sister days to wedding

Photo. [Courtesy]

When cupid strikes, he sometimes ignores all the qualities and standards we set for our potential partners. Physical attributes, social status, religion and political affiliation- all go out of the window in the name of love. But for a Nairobi couple, cupid’s arrow struck in the wrong place and caused a brother and sister to fall for each other- unaware of their relation.

The two were understandably shattered on the realization that they were brother and sister. John Mwangi and Jane Njeri met while having a business interaction, where the lady was purchasing shoes from her would-be partner.

According to a report by Kameme TV, the pair were in a serious relationship and planned to wed. As they set to kick off their plans, beginning with formal introductions to parents as is customary with African culture, they were met with a rude shock.

"After I took her for introduction to my parents, I was told my father had another wife and we were thus brother and sister," said John.

The couple’s wedding plans were stopped on their tracks when family members disclosed that they share a father and are therefore half-brother and sister. Following the revelation, elders warned of dire consequences should the romantic connection between the duo continue.

The elders further advised that no ritual cleansing to deflect evil was necessary because the wedding had not taken place yet. They urged new-age couples to consult family and do thorough research before marriage.

"I cannot even fall in love with another person because I am scared he will also turn out to be my relative," the heartbroken bride-to-be said.

Such cases, however distressing, are not uncommon.  Back in 2014, a Brazilian couple shockingly discovered that they were brother and sister after a solid seven-year marriage and six-year-old daughter together. The two had reportedly spent their lives searching for their biological mothers, both named Maria. In her quest, the woman in this case sought the help of a radio show which helped track down her long lost mother. Things took a surprising turn when the woman’s mother disclosed that she had a little brother- who just happened to be her husband.

A south African couple was left devastated in 2011 after discovering, similarly that they were brother and sister. The happy duo had been in a relationship for five years and were expecting their first child together when they took steps to formalize their union- including introducing each other to their respectful families. On the D-day, the two, who had been raised in single- parent families discovered that they were siblings who had been separated after their parent’s bitter divorce.