Zari Hassan’s nemesis defends Diamond after rumoured Tanasha split

Tanasha, Diamond and Mange Kimambi.

Tanzanian socialite Mange Kimambi has come out to defend Diamond Platnumz over his rumoured break up with Tanasha Donna.

It’s not fair to blame Diamond for everything. These girls put themselves in these situations. They trap him with pregnancies a few weeks after meeting him then expect him to step up to something he didn’t ask for and wasn’t prepared for, ” wrote the Los Angeles-based lass.

She on to suggest that the Tanzanian superstar who has four children with mothers hailing from all three East African countries must be fearful of dating, thinking that everyone he gets involved with intends to trap him.

“Mama Dangote ana matatizo yake makubwa tu ila kuna saa huwa namwelewa, mimi kama mama wa watoto wa kiume.Eti msichana amjue Kenzo wiki moja tu mimba, haki ntamdharau huyo msichana ntahisi kuna alichofata,” wrote the former blogger, vowing not to accord respect to any woman who would intend to trap her sons.

Kimambi then harshly criticized women who move in with their partners without the traditional wedding process including parents’ blessings, suggesting that young ladies should go back to the customary way of doing things.

The socialite turned activist then went on to offer some words of advice to Tanasha, asking her to stop seeking sympathy from the public.

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“Be glad you at least left with a career. Everyone told you how this was going to play out. Seriously yoyote anaemlaumu Diamond hana akili, hawa wasichana tamaa zao za maisha ya ustaa ndo zinazowafikisha hapo,” wrote Kimambi.

After a series of eyebrow- raising unfollows and cryptic posts on Instagram, Diamond’s Kenyan girlfriend reportedly left Tanzania, leaving behind her lover and would- be in laws.

If Tanasha's recent social media activity is anything to go by, all is not well between her and Diamond..

“Having a clean heart is priceless because it’s so damn valuable that not even money can match up to its standards. Thank you Allah. I feel your presence Allah. Every time you close one door, you open another. Each and every single time. Now wait and see what I have in store for you all, especially my beautiful strong women. Get ready for a lot of new music. I will tell my story through it. I will never sell my soul. It’s all God over here," wrote Tanasha.

The hearsay continued, with Diamond’s baby-mama confirming that she had landed in Kenya, together with her five month old son late in the night.

Zari vs Kimambi

Mange Kimambi and Zari.

Kimambi’s defense of the Bongo star comes to no one’s surprise, given that she has taken his side severally in the past- and most notably in her ever-present feud with his ex-wife Zari Hassan.

In a fight that rocked the internet for weeks, she went after Zari guns blazing after the Ugandan socialite penned a Father’s Day message to her late ex- husband, Ivan Don.

"Happy father's day to me, the late Don and all the women playing both roles. We are the real MVPs..... gone but you still here for us in all possible ways. We miss you,” wrote Zari in 2018, blatantly ignoring Diamond, from whom she had just split.

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“You ignore him yet unaishi kwa nyumba yake. Eti uko hapo by choice? Sio by choice uko hapo kwa lazima mama. How many times amekuomba uhame hutaki?” Kimambi fired, criticizing Zari for not acknowledging Diamond as the father of her two children.

The mother of five defended herself, claiming to own multiple properties abroad.

The fight proved to be an on-going one when Zari took shots at her nemesis, barely a year later.

“Hey guys, I’m taking some time off social media. I will be back though,” wrote Kimambi.

“Taking off time to cure some depression and diarrhea she has been having. Mwambie akiitaji anything she should reach out. We are here if she needs help. Mtu unaumwa kichwa juu ya maisha ya watu mpaka unasahau maisha yako kabisa. Struuuuuuuu, you need some rest sending you love and prayers,” Zari responded savagely.