Uganda: Four foreigners isolated over coronavirus fears cleared

Medics gear up to attend to Coronavirus patients in South Korea. Photo: Courtesy.

Four foreign nationals isolated at the Entebbe Referral Hospital in Uganda after showing symptoms of flu and cough have been given a clean bill of health.

In a Monday statement, the Ministry of Health said that the four foreigners were picked from Entebbe International Airport and tests conducted to establish whether they have the contagious coronavirus, officially named Covid-19.

“Samples have been collected and are currently being tested at Uganda Virus Research Institute. Results will be communicated accordingly,” read the statement, urging the public to remain calm and vigilant.

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Giving an update on the results, the ministry said that they came back negative for the virus.

“All four foreign nationals currently under isolation have tested negative. We appeal to the general public to practice #COVID19 preventive measures at all times as advised by the Ministry of health.

Responding to a tweet calling for all those who alighted from the plane to be quarantined, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Diana Atwine urged the public to support medical teams.

“Results negative .Kindly trust our medical teams that are doing their best in circumstances. Whatever is done is in the interest of keeping us all safe .Support their effort,” she wrote.

On Monday, the death toll from the coronavirus surpassed 3,000 as new cases around the world soared.

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The virus has now infected over 88,000 people and spread to over 60 countries from its epicentre in China.

Outside China, South Korea has the biggest number of infections with almost 500 new cases being reported on Monday, bringing the total number of infections to over 4,000.

Thus far, Egypt, Algeria and Nigeria are the only African countries with confirmed cases of Covid-19.