Six male celebrities who publicly support their wives’ hustles

Philip, Rashid and Nameless [Photo: Instagram]

'Love is a beautiful thing', sang the Kokomaster, D'banj, in 2008.

And, as the world celebrates Valentine's Day, today, February 14, we shine a spotlight on male celebrities who have gone over and beyond to publicly support their wives.

In no particular order...

Phillip Karanja

The former Tahidi High actor turned TV series maestro is a proud husband to Kate the Actress, real name Catherine Kamau.

Philip and Catherine Karanja [Photo: Courtesy]

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Kate has a number of titles; she is a content creator, marketer, brand ambassador among others. She has also tried a hand in comedy and she is thriving at it.

A closer look at that direction of her many side gigs, reveals that her husband, Philip, is almost always behind the camera recording. It is no doubt that he is a proud husband who will move mountains to support his charming wife.

Rashid Abdalla

What many might not know is that Rashid’s wife, Lulu Hassan, is an entrepreneur.

Rashid and Lulu [Photo: Instagram @rashidyabdalla]

The eloquent Tv presenter is also the CEO of Jiffy Pictures and the Producer of Moyo, Huba, Maza, Mchikicho wa Pwani and Aziza series.

Rashid has always proved to be a shoulder to lean on for his dear wife. Whenever she is having a show premier, Rashid never hesitates to post on his personal social media platforms to give a shout out to his wife’s work or even, lobby for support. Aren’t they just a power couple?

King Kaka

Rapper Kennedy Ombima, alias King Kaka is married to Carter Ninifelly Owiti who recently secured a gig at Switch TV.

King Kaka with Nana [Photo: Courtesy]

In fact, King Kaka took to social media to officially announce that his wife will be on the Chat Spot and in his congratulation message to wife encouraged his followers to watch her TV debut.

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David Mathenge, commonly known as Nameless, is also in the list of proud husbands. His wife, Wahu, apart from being a performing artist, she owns a salon, Afro Siri, which she has had for years.

Wahu and Nameless [Photo: Instagram @namelesskenya]

Nameless, revealed that he and his wife have no secret bank accounts, operate and invest on their ventures as their relationship is based on trust.

He further disclosed that he supports her businesses and reciprocate because they want to grow together.

Waihiga Mwaura

The Citizen TV news anchor is married to Kenyan gospel singer Joyce Omondi.

The award-winning singer behind hits such as Tumaini and Sitaogopa is also a presenter and despite both working for different media houses, Mwaura has never hesitated to give a shout out to his wife on social media.

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Waihiga Mwaura with wife Joyce [Photo: Courtesy]

In 2019, he surprised his with a bouquet of flowers and fruits during an ongoing show. A clear gesture that he appreciates and celebrates his wife’s side gigs.


The celebrated spin master, Samuel Muraya, is always supportive of celebrity wife Size 8 who apart from singing, is a brand ambassador and also runs a high-end salon.

Size 8 and Dj Mo [Photo: Courtesy]

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The Gospel power couple secretly wedded in 2013. Ever since, the two have been each other’s best friend, supporting each other publicly