Papa Dennis could not afford food- Gospel singer Red Pen reveals

Papa Dennis (right) and his twin brother at the 2017 PMVA Awards.

An upcoming gospel artiste has recalled Papa Dennis’ last days prior to his shocking death on January 7. The singer’s lifeless body was discovered by passers-by having after fallen from the 7th floor of a building in Ngara, Nairobi.

According to several news reports, the singer is said to have been facing tough times prior to his death after his contract with financier Maliza Umaskini record label expired.

Red Pen, who once lived with the award-winning gospel singer said that after Papa Dennis’ contract expired, he ran into problems.

“I used to live with Papa Dennis in the same house. We Stayed in Komarock for about two years before I moved out,” said the father of one, adding that he was Papa Dennis’ voice coach at some point.  


Papa Dennis, who claimed to have Sh50 million in his bank account two years ago could not even afford to buy himself food. “The cash I have is just like that Davido and the rest of the musicians have. No big deal,” Papa Dennis told Pulse at the time.

“Papa Dennis was facing several problems. He had difficulties paying rent for the house he was living in with his twin brother.

“Afterwards, he started having issues with his girlfriend.”

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“Every time he called me in recent times, he would ask for money to go buy food.”

According to Red Pen, Papa Dennis did not have family members to lean on in Nairobi, with his friends filling in the role.

Last conversation

Red Pen further divulged that during their last conversation, Papa Dennis expressed the desire to have children of his own.

“The last time we spoke he commented on how grown my son is, saying that he also wanted to have a child of his own.

“Papa Dennis also urged me not to get signed to a record label because of the travails he had undergone,” he said, adding that the music industry is not as glamorous as many tend to view it.

Papa Dennis poses with a luxury car he claimed to own in 2016.


Papa Dennis’ circumstances prior to his death sparked conversations around Kenyan artistes being mismanaged, with his former financier Sadat Muhindi coming out to put to rest rumours that he had been kicked him out of the Maliza Umaskini record label.

Speaking to Nation, Sadat said that the deceased singer signed a contract in 2013 running up till March 2019.

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“We sat down discussed and agreed it was time for him to go and further his career having nurtured him from the time he was upcoming to an established artiste. We did this to offer a platform for other upcoming artistes,” Sadat said.

Daddy Owen speaks

Speaking to SDE on phone, veteran gospel singer Daddy Owen, who was among the first to arrive at the scene of Papa Dennis’ death said that managers should not be put under fire as blame goes both ways.

“There are rouge managers and there are rogue artistes. I know cases where businessmen have invested in artists only for them to disappear.

Daddy Owen and Papa Dennis.

“Most of the time, the artistes’ stories on being mismanaged get out since they are well-known whilst most of the managers who have been short-changed keep quiet,” he said.

Daddy Owen also called for an end to the blame game, urging for parties to sign formal contracts before getting into business to avoid such scenarios.

A post-mortem on Papa Dennis’ body is expected to be conducted today.