Nayika confirms Jux split days after Huddah’s Zanzibar shoot

Juma Jux, Huddah (inset) and Nayika [Photo: Instagram @juma_jux/ Courtesy]

A few months ago, popular Tanzanian singer Juma Musa Mkambala aka Juma Jux and his Asian girlfriend Nayika came out guns blazing after reports that they had parted ways news emerged.

Jux, in a charged post, denied the claims and condemned his social media 'detractors' for peddling, what he termed as, lies.

“Walikuwa wanasema nimeachana na mpenzi wangu Nayika, si kweli, sijaachana naye na nilikuwa naye huko, lakini ndiyo hivyo maneno ya mtandaoni huwa nayaangalia na kuachana nayo,” said Jux.

Two weeks down the line and the couple have actually called it quits. Confirming the split on her social media during a question and answer (Q&A) Instagram session, Nayika was asked whether she was still with Jux and her response was a straight, “NO!”

Love history

Jux and Nayika started dating mid-2019 almost immediately after his break up with Vanessa Mdee.

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When he went public with his new relationship, the singer started posting pictures of his new bae all over social media that angered a few of their fans who accused him of doing so to hurt Vanessa’s feelings.

“I don’t understand why she kept blasting me after I moved on yet in the first place she is the one who told me she wants us to break up. I made the decision to introduce my new girlfriend Nayika after she broke the news that we were no longer together despite us agreeing that we would keep it a secret. Immediately after that, she started whining and calling me out, I don’t quite follow why she did that, he said during an interview with Nairobi News.

Juma Jux [Photo: Instagram @juma_jux]

Vanessa, on the other hand, took her time to get back into the dating world and it was until recently that she got into another relationship with Power actor Rotimi.

“It took me two days to know that this is the man I’ll have the rest of my life. Only two days. This is my husband.

“I am not young. I have been in relationships and I know how to tell. It’s a different feeling. He took a lot of time to know and build each other. We have grown spiritually. In short, he has changed my life completely,” said Vanessa.

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Jux and Huddah an item?

News of Jux and Nayika’s split comes hardly a week after the Tanzanian musician was spotted with Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe in Zanzibar. Could it be that the two are dating already?

Although none of them has spoken about the relationship, thanks to social media it is presumably correct to say they were on the Zanzibar getaway together.

Evidence backing this theory, according to some of their followers, lies in their Instagram stories where either of them is seen in other posts.

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In one of Jux’s Instastories, Huddah is seen in the background as the Utaniua crooner pets a horse. In the socialite’s story, Jux’s foot was caught in one of her shots where he was wearing the same shoes he had on in his video. 

 In a separate video, Huddah and Jux post their hotel room view and the balcony images are exactly the same. Coincidence? Maybe. Time will tell.