Aslay addresses alleged beef with ex-Yamoto band mate Mbosso

Aslay and Mbosso.

Tanzanian singer Aslay has for the first time adressed his alleged beef with Khan Kilungi alias Mbosso.

Speaking during during his media tour in Kenya, the Angekuona hit maker said that he was not in a position to comment on the said beef.

“Kuna matatizo ambayo siezi ongea hapa mwisho wa siku kila kitu kinaendelea freshi tusiende tena tukaleta kitu kingine,” he said.

Unfollowing Aslay

A while back, Mbosso stirred social media after he unfollowed Aslay, a move that left fans in limbo with a majority concluding that the former Yamoto band members have fallen out. In an interview, Mbosso confirmed the reports.

According to the singer, he saw no need to pretend that they are friends while they were not. He went on to claim that since Yamoto band collapsed, Aslay has never supported him in anyway despite his continued support for the Muhudumu hit maker.

“Baada ya kumsupport Aslay kwa muda mrefu watu wakawa wananimbia mbona wewe unam-support halafu yeye haku-support? Umemfollow mwenzako ameku unfollow. Jifunze kubalance shobo, nikasema kumbe na mimi naonekana namshobokea ngoja na mimi nimunfollow. Kwa hiyo sasa hivi kila mtu hana urafiki na mwenzake,” Mbosso said.

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Yamoto exit

Their differences, according to Tanzanian media outlets, started while they were still at Yamoto. When Mbosso joined Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) he clarified that he had no issue with Aslay,

Mimi naheshimu muziki wa Aslay kwa sababu ni mtu ambaye nimemkuta kwenye industry, halafu kwangu mimi yule ni brother, tunaheshimiana.”

That same year, Mbosso disclosed that he left the band famed for songs such as Nitakupwelepweta due to growing needs.

“Cha kwanza ni Maslahi yaani pesa. Mnafanya kazi kubwa lakini mnajikuta hela ambazo mnapata, mkigawana mnakula na watu wengi sana. So kila mtu akaamua afanye kazi kivyake… Mimi ndio nilikua wa mwisho kupata usimamizi. WCB wakaniitaji, nikaenda” he said.

Yamoto band was made up of Mbosso, Aslay, Beka Flavour, and Enock Bella. The group split in 2017.

Aslay and Mbosso.

While still in Kenya, Aslay also shed more light on another alleged beef with gospel singer Bahati, whom, according to reports, have not been in touch since they worked on their collaboration almost two years ago.

He revealed that their management s had issues which affected their relationship. He however, maintained that he personally has no issue with the EMB records boss but refused to divulge what caused the friction between their management.

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“The problem was between my management and his management. I am okay with him although I have not seen him since the collabo. I do not want to talk about it since it’s in the past.”

The two made headlines in April 2018 after dropping their song dubbed ‘Bora Nife’ which garnered 4.5 million views on YouTube.

However, according to reports, the two had issues with revenue division from the song and in a past interview, Bahati even pointed a finger at Aslay’s management saying they were frustrating his efforts.

‘’When two artistes work together, they should be humble so as to push the song but when one of us decides to act like a star it stops many things. It was a song I loved and wanted to take it to another level. But Aslay’s management was uncooperative in terms of revenue shares, how the song would be sold online etc,’’ Bahati said.