Brothers clobber Casanova who used and dumped sister

Soi is said to be overly randy [Photo: Shutterstock]

In what might pass as proof that indeed blood is thicker than water, two brothers in Brooke area, Kericho County ganged up, ambushed and savagely attacked a man for ‘using’ and ‘dumping’ their sister.

A certain Soi, a 30-year-old who works at a tea factory, is said to be overly randy and doesn’t seem to be in apposition to tame his greedy fascination for the forbidden fruit.

After putting the 26-year-old woman, only identified as Linet, in the family way, Soi is said to have begun playing cat and mouse with her whilst denying responsibility.

Efforts by the woman to reach the seemingly rogue bachelor and get him accept responsibility proved futile. To add salt to injury, Soi accused the young woman of having been unfaithful and trying to falsely accuse him of a pregnancy she got from another man.

Sigei and Tum, older brothers to Linet, were not amused with the mistreatment [Photo: Shutterstock]

Sigei and Tum, older brothers to Linet, were not amused with the mistreatment of their sister and vowed to teach the infamous village Casanova a lesson.

“Efforts to corner the offending man had proved futile on several occasions after he seemingly discovered the two brothers were planning to harm him. For almost a week, the man could not be traced,” a source familiar with the ordeal said.

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Out of frustration, the two brothers went and hid along the way to Soi’s home. When he emerged, they pounced and descended on him with kicks and blows in a bid to teach him a lesson and force him take responsibility for impregnating their sister.

“They wrestled him to the ground and beat him up, as they attempted to force him to admit he was responsible for their sister’s pregnancy,” the source said. It was passersby who came to his rescue.

this was not the first time Soi was embroiled in such a scandal [Photo: Shutterstock]

The duo are said to have told the Casanova in no uncertain terms that they were going to make his life very difficult in the area if he continues refusing to acknowledge the fact that he is the father to the unborn child. They promised to return for their pound of flesh when the child will be born and in need of child support.

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Interestingly, this was not the first time Soi was embroiled in such a scandal. He has been reported to have ruined the lives of younger women in the locality by getting them pregnant and denying responsibility.

“Many other women have claimed he fathered their children before, something he always denies,” said the source. Considering the intricate nature of the case, Soi did not report to police and is currently weighing his options.