Kneeling down to propose is totally wrong – actor Pete Edochie

Pete Edochie [Photo: Instagram @peteedochie/courtesy]

Igbo men should never kneel when proposing, this is according to legendary Nigerian actor Pete Edochie.

Speaking to Igboezuo, a platform that prides in the promotion of Igbo language and culture, Edochie explained that, according to tradition, it is wrong for a man to kneel.

According to Edochie, kneeling is not a lifestyle of Igbo men and is akin to the relinquishing of authority to the woman.

He noted that it is the woman who kneels when presenting wine to her man on engagement as her acceptance that he is the head of the family.

"Kneeling down to propose to a woman is totally wrong, it is not our lifestyle. Kneeling before a girl in Igbo tradition means you are handing over the authority to her. She becomes the head of the family.

“Marriage in Igbo tradition is when a lady gives her husband to be wine while kneeling down. What does it signify? That the man has been accepted as the husband of the lady. It is the lady who knees before the husband, not vice versa," said Edochie.

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A position that elicited mixed reactions on social media.

"Just for 1 min authority is transferred," laughed off @aggie_babyxo.

“As long as it’s Pete Edochie, he’s correct. Argue with your ancestors. Ka’m bikwa,” stated @priscaberry.

“Yes because he has to lie down,” responded @i_am_silverfaith.

@chi_ca_jay, “What he is trying to say is in a wedding ceremony it is wrong for a man to kneel in front of a woman with a drink. It means the man is giving her authority over him.”

But disputed by @talk2mii: “Everyone must have opinion. Baba kneeling has been done for decades. Everyone kneels for the king and queen. So when a man asks his queen to marry him he goes down in his knee”.

While @eatersng added, “According to Igbo tradition, he is right, before you start insulting him, he's entitled to his opinion”.

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According to, an Igbo woman kneeling before her man during a traditional marriage (Igbankwu) is an inescapable ritual that is done whether her groom is of the tribe or not.

She is expected to gallantly look for him in a crowd (the man has to sweetly hide), and kneel- to the extent that her knee touches the ground, then present the cup of freshly tapped palm wine to him.

He has to drink all of it.