Producer Magix Enga involved in accident, escapes death narrowly

Magix Enga's car [Photo: Instagram @magix_enga]

Producer Magix Enga is grateful to alive after he was involved in an accident on Saturday, January 25, along Thika Road.

Narrating his ordeal on Twitter, Enga narrated that he was experiencing chest pains and a headache but was indebted to a cop who rushed to the scene on time.

“This happened jana usiku nikitoka job. Thanks to this cop from Jogoo House alifika on time. Although the guys who did this they managed to take whatever was in the car. Thank God I’m alive to see another day and make more hits. Pray for me. Chest pain and headache,” he tweeted.

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Magix Enga's car [Photo: Twitter @magix_enga]

According to photos he shared on his pages, the matte black Mazda MX-5 was badly wrecked; twisted with a gaping rear end and pressed against the road railings with a mangled bonnet.

The accident eerily comes under a week after he posted on Instagram that he was selling his other sports car.

“Btw I’m selling the orange one. Hakuna vile sport cars mbili January kijana mdogo kama mimi. DM tumalize biashara,” he wrote.

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Magix Enga's cars [Photo: Twitter @magix_enga]

Here is a video of the car at the scene:


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A month earlier, the producer who took on singer Harmonize over Uno’s beats, blew up in 2018 and is currently riding high with star-studded 'Nyoka Ya Shaba' that roped in Kiss 100 presenters ; Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe, influencer Xtian Dela, Exray, Kasabun finest - Timmy Tdat, the King of Genge -Jua Cali, Kristoff and Harry Craze.