Kabianga High School sabbath row ends, ministry intervenes

The 17 SDA students refused to sit scheduled tests [Photo: Courtesy]

The Education ministry has revoked the suspension of 17 Kabianga High School students suspended for refusing to sit exams on the Sabbath.

County Director of Education Zachary Mutwiri yesterday directed that the suspended students return to school and continue with studies.

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The directive was a reprieve for the Form Four students who would have stayed home for two weeks after being suspended on Tuesday.

The students, who are followers of the Seventh Day Adventist church, kicked up a storm after they declined to sit a mathematics test on Saturday, the church's day of worship.

While revoking the students' suspension, the county director of education said the principal "may have overreacted". He declared the matter settled.

"We have settled the matter. Four of the 17 students have already reported back to the school,” he said.

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“The school has been instructed to come up with a programme that respects all religions," said Mutwiri.