Chantelle Petit speaks after Ephy Saint, Brenda Wairimu romance rumours

Chantelle Petit [Photo: @chantelle_petit ]

The million dollar question since last year has always and still is what really happened between former Tahidi High actor Ephy Saint and vlogger Chantelle Petit?

For the past three days, many of their followers on social media have been asking this question especially since a constant third party is always involved.

A vlogger shared a few screenshots linking Brenda and Ephy Saint together

Word on the street is that the third party, Brenda Wairimu is the main reason as to why Chantelle Petit is no longer with her baby daddy, Ephy Saint.

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Recently, Youtuber, Edgar Obare shared a few screenshots allegedly linking Brenda and Ephy Saint . However, SDE can’t independently confirm the auntenticity of the receipts.

Chantelle Responds

Word may have reached Chantelle about the latest 'expose' and  she has refused to be dragged into the drama.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, she stressed that she would really love to protect her daughter.

“It’s so easy to get dragged down by desperate attempts to prove righteousness on social media. I will not participate in back and forth again otherwise I remain in the same cycle of abuse that I’ve been trying to run away from since 2018.”

Chantelle Petit [Photo: @chantelle_petit ]

According to Chantelle, the truth will always be known to her very close family and friends who have always rushed to not only her aid and but also of her daughter.

“I also will not be bullied into making decisions that are not healthy for both mine and my daughter’s mental, emotional and physical health. There’s a lot that happens behind closed doors only the small good is shown on social media,” Chantelle revealed.

 “Like I said yesterday it is something I want to deal with in private as I have been for the last 4 months,” she added. “I ask that you respect my decision for the sake of my daughter and for the sake of peace.”

Ephy Saint’s Message

Ephy Saint [Photo: @ephysaint]

Shortly before Chantelle's message, he had shared a post on Instagram writing to his daughter "1 year ago today, when all I did was pray and send you healing, when I thought I might loose you at any time but he had other plans. Still growing and trying to figure out what kind a relationship we might have but really grateful you are still my summer.”

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