‘No guns in our clubs’ petition launched after Babu Owino incident

“We want to stop the culture of allowing guns into entertainment spaces in Kenya."

An online petition that seeks to stop a culture of allowing firearms into entertainment spaces in Kenya has been launched. According to the organizer of the online petition Gregg Tendwa, club owners should champion the conversation on the safety of revellers.

“We want to stop the culture of allowing guns into entertainment spaces in Kenya, while demanding justice for Felix Orinda, popularly known as DJ Evolve,” read part of the petition. “The DJ Fraternity in Kenya and the diaspora calls for immediate action by Club Owners and the relevant government authority to bring to book the perpetrators of the crime.”

“Be part of the community that stops impunity and demands justice. Sign this petition and let’s make our clubs safer places of entertainment!”

This comes days after an incident involving Embakasi East MP Babu Owino. According to a video clip circulating on social media, Babu Owino is accused of unlawfully attempting to end the life of Felix Odhiambo Orinda alias DJ Evolve after shooting him in the neck at B Club located along Galana Road in Nairobi last week.

However, the controversial politician has pleaded not guilty. The legislator was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi and has been remanded for seven days pending preparation of the bail report by the probation team at the Milimani law courts.

Babu Owino at the Milimani law courts on Monday.

DJ Moh Spice’s gun

DJ Moh Spice.

This is not the first incident we are reading about guns in a night club. Recently, DJ Moh Spice caused a gun scare after he was pictured with a pistol tucked in his pants while celebrating DJ Kym’s birthday.

In the photo, that was later deleted, DJ Moh was captured stretching his hand to hold a glass to DJ Kym’s mouth unknowingly lifting his shirt and exposing a gun tucked into his belt.

The picture then attracted the attention of concerned netizens who took to social media to express their concerns with a number insisting it was unsafe for DJ Moh Spice to be armed in a nightclub.

Willy Paul

In a different incident, Singer Willy Paul was caught in a video recording threatening to pull out a gun after he got into a confrontation with an unknown person over what was believed to be parking space.

The singer had prior to the said incident, shared a photo of a gun on Instagram with the caption, ‘I love toys.’

He later pulled down the post after he came under fire. Netizens had raised concerns on firearm regulation with majority calling on the DCI to take measures before things get out of hand.

Shooting reveler

In 2017, a Nairobi court sentenced the owner of a popular nightclub to five years imprisonment for killing a reveler.

Jackson Maina Wangui, the owner of Club Click on Baricho Road shot dead Kelvin Oduor Onyango on the night of May 8, 2012. According to Maina, he accidently shot Oduor. Maina claimed he had led the deceased to the rooftop of the building housing the club so as to rescue him from a hostile mob that had accused him of theft.