Imam who unknowingly married fellow man arrested, charged in court


Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba (right) unknowingly wed a fellow man Richard Tumushabe alias Swabullah Nabuke.

Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba, the Imam who unknowingly wedded another man in an Islamic wedding has been arrested and charged in court.

According to Ugandan Monitor, the 27-year-old was charged with ‘having carnal knowledge with a person against the order of nature’ and was remanded at Ntenjeru prison in Kayunga District, central Uganda.

During his appearance in a magistrate’s court however, Mutumba was not allowed to take a plea as his case can only be heard by a higher court.

Mutumba was charged alongside his ‘bride’ Richard Tumushabe who went by the alias Swabullah Nabuke for the offence which, according to the prosecution, was committed in December 2019.

Duping men

Speaking to the press, Kayunga District Police Commander John Lukooto said that Tumushabe had previously hoodwinked other men who fell ‘in love’ with him before mking away with their money.

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After seeing the story in the press, one of the victims came forward saying that Tumushabe had duped them into believing that ‘she’ was their family member. The accused further convinced them to welcome ‘her’ husband for introductions but things took a ‘tragic’ turn.

Richard Tumushabe alias Swabullah Nabuke.

“On the introduction day, Tumushabe claimed the husband had got an accident on the way to the function and that he had died,” Lukooto.

The family handed her Ush4000,000 (Sh10,955 in current exchange rates) for funeral expenses but was never seen or heard from again.

The two are set to appear in court on January 24 for mentioning of the case.

Charged with theft

On January 14, an apologetic Tumushabe was charged with committing an unnatural offence and two counts of theft. He was accused of stealing a television set and clothes belonging to Mutumba’s neighbour Eryazi Jimmy.

Speaking before his court appearance, Tumushabe expressed remorse for his actions.

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“It is true I did something wrong and I regret it but my current condition forced me to do it. I’m a born of Ishaka but I grew up on Kampala streets under very harsh conditions that forced me to act the way I did and I regret it,” he said.

Tumushabe’s crafty scheme was exposed after he was arrested and frisked by a female police officer in relation to the theft case.

A shocked Sheikh Mutumba said that he had lived with Tumushabe for two weeks without figuring out his true gender.