Moses Kuria breaks 2020 resolution to mock Uhuru's cabinet appointment

Moses Kuria and Zack Kinuthia.

Gatundu South legislator Moses Kuria has reneged on his new year’s resolution to keep off social media.

Kuria, who is currently under arrest after a woman accused him of assaulting her in December 2019, has broken his resolution to throw shade at President Uhuru Kenyatta’s move to reshuffle the cabinet on Tuesday.

Through a Facebook post, the outspoken legislator and former banker took a swipe at Uhuru’s appointment of a former student leader to the position of Education Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS).

Zack Kinuthia, a former Univesity of Nairobi student leader who campaigned for President Uhuru’s 2018 re-election replaced Professor Colleta Suda at the lucrative position.

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Referring to the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) as the ‘Incompetency Based Curriculum,’ Kuria seemed to wonder how a Professor could be replaced with someone with a Head of State's Commendation (HSC) tag.

“To enhance the roll out of the Incompetency Based Curriculum, I have removed PROFESSOR Colleta Suda as the CAS for Education and replaced her with Zack Kinuthia, HSC” wrote Kuria.

Moses Kuria's post.

Kuria’s post comes after his January 1 resolution to keep off social media till 2021.

“I am deactivation my Social Media Accounts (Except Whatsapp) throughout 2020. See you in 2021. This is my last post of the year,” he wrote adding that he’s keeping of alcohol too.

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Who is Kinuthia?

Kinuthia, who preceded Embakasi South MP Babu Owino as the chair of the Students Organization of Nairobi University (SONU) is a passionate Uhuru supporter and a regular panellist on Gikuyu political TV shows where he defends the president.

Zack Kinuthia (circled) was part of the team supporting ODM's Imran Okoth during the Kibra by-election.

A year ago, Kinuthia and nominated MP Dr David ole Sankok were involved in an exchange of words, with the latter accusing him of being a perennial beggar.

The exchange was sparked when Sankok shared a photo of himself and Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok with the words “handshake continues as Rift Valley Province unites behind our spokesperson William Samoei Ruto and his command Josphat Nanok.”

“Your words betray your stomach. Seems like some chunks have been dropped inside” Kinuthia responded.

“Don’t think everyone is like you. You’re now on my neck because the other day I refused to buy you bundles. I don’t believe the Sh10,000 Zack asked for was for bundles but that is the language he used and threatened to soil my name if I don’t part with something,” replied Sankok.