James Ng'ang'a claims he'll be able to fire government officials, King Kaka responds

King Kaka [Photo: Courtesy]

Rapper King Kaka took the nation by storm on December 13 2019, when he released his new song dubbed Wajinga Nyinyi (You Fools); calling out Kenyans for their hypocrisy.

Since the release,  some of the big names he called out condemned him with some attempting to justify their actions.

Controversial preacher James Ng’ang’a was not left behind as he also responded to the rapper for throwing shade at him and his church.

“Hata kuna mwengine amesema afadhali Ng’ang’a anadanganya watu, sijui shetani gani inaitwa nani, Karakasi, Kaskasi, Kan Kaka wewe ni mjinga! Tafuta watu rika yako, watu ya matatu… manamba ya matatu muongee nao,” Ng’ang’a ranted.

The preacher’s reaction was captured in his televised preaching which King Kaka shared on his twitter account, acknowledging that the message was home.

“Congregation Ya Pastor Ng'ang'a is the true definition of Kenyans,” the Wajinga Nyinyi hit-maker continued. “Mnatukanwa, mnaibiwa, mnaambiwa uwongo na bado mmetulia kuskiza na mnapiga makofi zaidi.”

Pastor Ng’ang’a [Photo: Courtesy]

Love isn’t lost between them as on January 12, the rapper shared another viral video of the controversial Nairobi Pastor.

In the undated video, the Neno Evangelism Centre pastor is seen telling his congregation that he will be able to fire government officials come June.

“Kufikia mwezi wa sita, nitakuwa na uwezo hata wa kufuta mtu kwa government kazi. Mimi Nganga! Na sitatangaza. NItasema tu wewe nimesema ndio unaenda nyumbani na anaenda. Mimi nitakuwa nina waambia lakini sitatangaza kwa TV, ndio mujue there is God is heaven” he said.

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The Kaka Empire CEO shared the video on all his social media platform asking his fans to draft a list for Pastor Ng’ang’a.

“Kang Kaka is back with a solution for Kenyans. Who would you put on the list that we are about to give him,” King Kaka posted.

The tweet has over 200 responses, with both negative and positive feedback for Pastor Ng’ang’a.