Babu Owino, Passaris trade insults on social media

Esther Passaris and Babu Owino.

Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris and Embakasi East MP Babu Owino are apparently not seeing eye to eye. This is after an exchange of words between the two legislators over the weekend in what looks like an opinionated stand. 

It all began with Embakasi East MP Babu’s threat to ‘shave’ Kandara MP Alice Wahome for allegedly disrespecting ODM leader Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Responding to Babu’s tweet, Passaris equated Babu’s comment to defilement. She further asked Owino to respect Women and insisted that the act of shaving a fellow legislator would be classified as defilement.

“Babu respect women. You can only shave your wife not a fellow legislator, or any other woman without their explicit consent. Any action to the contrary will be an act of defilement,” she tweeted.

A rather disgusted Passaris went on to urge Babu to delete the post, terming it as gross disrespect.

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“I am extremely disappointed with this post. Pull it down. There're boundaries we should not cross” added Passaris.

Not known to back down from such, Babu Owino in a quick rejoinder claimed that Passaris has not helped Nairobi women in any way and she is going to fall out of politics because of it.

“You must work for those women Passaris otherwise as it stands you are on your way home coz you have done nothing to Nairobi women,” Babu Owino responded.

Esther Passaris and Babu Owino.

It did not end there, in a clap back tweet, Passaris told Owino that she had a life before politics and that she will still have a life after politics. She further said that her fate in 2022 will be decided by God.

“Let God steer my voters in 17 constituencies to decide in 2022 according to the Lord’s plan and purpose in my life. As for going home. I fear not. East, west Homes best,” Passaris said.

“I know you are in that time of the month @EstherPassaris so I will not engage hormones,” Babu tweeted.

Babu had earlier asked the Kandara legislator to respect both President Uhuru and former Prime Minister Raila or be shaved. In his words, the Embakasi East legislator stated that if Wahome does not respect the two leaders he would shave every part of her body.

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“Alice Wahome must respect Baba and President Uhuru or we will shave every part of her body that has hair. This is not a threat it’s a promise” tweeted Babu.

Netizens found the Embakasi East MP language disrespectful with many asking him to pull down the post on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

@evelynsigei replying to @HEBabuOwino, said “Immature sentiments from a leader! I demand respect for women at whatever level.”

@mutungaglady said “The same president you used to insult unprintable words? Hypocrite.”

“Day in day out nothing to be proud of as a youth in this country. Politics is a cancer no cure at all,” posted Kibet Felix.

“Respect other people’s opinion, it’s a disaster when an adult is suffering from adolescence hangovers. We expect better engagement from a leader of your age,” commented David Muchiri.