My daughter should marry a mature man - Lady Jaydee's ex-husband

Gardner G Habash [Photoo: @captaintanzania]

Lady Jay Dee’s ex-husband Gardner G Habash has ignited debate in Tanzania after confessing that he would love any sponsor to date or marry his 25-year-old daughter, Malkia Karen.

According to the veteran presenter, Malkia should find a man with great financial power or one who is much older than her.

Speaking to vlogger Zamarind Mkitema in an interview which he surprisingly appeared alongside his daughter, Gardner stressed that her male age-mates can’t afford to take care of her.

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Malkia Karen [Photo: @malkiakaren]

“Mimi ningetamani awe na mtu mkubwa mwenye umri kama wa kwangu, amtunze kwa sababu watu wa umri wake hawawezi kumuelewa wala hawawezi kumsaidia chochote.

“Mtu mwenye umri kama wa Karen labda miaka miwili, mitatu, minne aliyempita mbele ana nini? Yeye mwenyewe anatafuta maisha halafu unapewa mzigo kama huu atauweza?” posed the 45-year-old.

Habash has been bankrolling his daughter who is a bourgeoning Bongo Flava musician who debuted in March 2018 and has since dropped over four singles.

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His latest comments have, however, been interpreted by some to be a ploy to draw attention and make her daughter popular.

Lady Jaydee filed for divorce in 2014. Malkia was from Habash's previous relationship.