Beef? I can’t collaborate with Avril- Naiboi takes swipe at singer, she responds

Naiboi and Avril.

Celebrated singer Judith Nyambura Mwangi aka Avril and her counterpart Michael Kennedy Claver aka Naiboi seem to have brushed each other the wrong way.

It all started when Naiboi took to Instagram to request suggestions from his fans on which female Kenyan artist he should collaborate with.

"First of all, thank you so much for the love and support you guys have shown me all over the years. You have been saying that Naiboi has been collaborating a lot with male artistes. Which female artiste would you like me to collaborate with?” he posed.

However, he was very clear who he did not want on the list of fans’ suggestions. According to Naiboi, Avril is not welcome to do a collabo with him.

“Let me know anyone and please let me not hear of Avril,” he said.

Avril’s response

Well, the last details of his request did not go unnoticed by majority of the fans as they tagged Avril on the post, eagerly waiting for her response.

The mother of one did not disappoint.

"Just got tagged in this! Dude to what extent did I break your heart? 2020 does not want 2018 grudges, holding on for two years?" she wrote.

The ‘Kitoko’ hit maker went ahead and confessed that she would hate to be Naiboi’s girlfriend and advised him to forgive and forget.

"Lord. I'd hate to be your chic. Forgive and forget," she concluded.

In a quick rejoinder, Naiboi fired back telling the ‘Chokoza’ hit singer to keep off his page.


“@theavieway that’s why you have your own IG account, enda uandike hizi vitu huko…ps that’s why you’re not my girlfriend,” he replied.

According to reports, the beef between the two started when during Naiboi’s 2 in 1 video shoot, Avril rudely refused to take part in the visuals, despite Naiboi asking her to step in like other artists who came in handy.

Avril late explained that at the time of the request, she was in the hospital and therefore couldn’t make it to the video.

“I couldn’t. I was unfortunately in hospital. I didn’t feel like getting into it with him. Let people do what they gotta do,” she said.

In an interview shortly after the release of 2 in 1 video, Naiboi revealed that he was disappointed by Avril, Victoria Kimani, and Sanaipei Tande.

According to him, Avril and Sanaipei Tande intentionally declined his request to appear in his music video. He also revealed that Victoria Kimani ignored his request.

“Avril told me she was going to send, but I tried calling and my calls went unanswered. For her, I believe she might have not understood the idea, but at least she told me she was going to send, which she didn’t.”


“It was a different case with Victoria. I called Sanaipei and she told me at the moment she can’t be in such a project, unless we have a project together. That makes sense to me, than someone blue-ticking me,” he said.

Nevertheless, whether this is an actual beef or just a stunt for an upcoming project, time will surely tell.


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