Festive spirit made me bite police officer’s finger - woman

Karen Wahu [Photo: Courtesy]

A 27-year-old woman who allegedly bit a police officer and scratched her face wants the court to allow her settle the assault case out of court because the offence “could have been committed under the spirit of the festive mood".

Court papers say on December 20 within Kasarani Zimmerman area, Karen Wahu assaulted Zainab Salleh, an officer who at the time of the offence was acting in due execution of her duty.

Wahu is said to have been drinking at a bar in the area when she started creating disturbance and causing a breach of the prevailing peace.

“The accused (Wahu) was screaming and insulting revellers who protested and later took up the matter with the bar’s manager,” reads court papers.

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The manager, after failing to restrain her, reported the matter to police officers who walked in on time to find Wahu causing trouble.

“The officers pleaded with the accused to calm down or walk home if she was drunk, but she resorted to abusing the officers and even grabbed one of them (Salleh) by hand and bit her finger, causing her soft tissue tears,” reads court papers.

Police said Wahu was not yet done with the female officer. She then "clawed her in the face causing her serious injuries”.

The injured officer was rescued by her colleagues and rushed to hospital. Wahu, on the other hand, was held in a police cell until the following morning when she was escorted to Makadara court and charged with the offence.

At the dock, a calm Wahu claimed she was also assaulted by a police officer and overlooked the matter because “it was a month of partying”.

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She at the same time said she was negotiating with the injured officer to resolve the matter out of court.

“It is also good for the court to note that I am an orphan and a single mother of meagre means,” she added.

The court entered a plea of “not guilty” and released her on a cash bail of Sh5,000 pending hearing of the case in April.