I am too fat, I can’t even go for a date – singer Akothee

Akothee [Photo: @akotheekenya]

Self-proclaimed president of single mothers in Kenya Esther Akoth alias Akothee is looking for a personal trainer after declaring that she is uncomfortable with her body size.

In a rather uncharacteristic fashion, the Rollam hitmaker claimed on Facebook that she is too fat and in need of an instructor who has what it takes to burn it off in three months.

“I need a personal trainer/swimming instructor for a period of three months ready to travel everywhere,” wrote the mother of five.

“Inbox your portfolio and your charges for the three months,” she continued. “Your work commences on Monday after I am done with the weed.”

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Akothee [Photo: @akotheekenya]

On Instagram, the singer reiterated that she wants a professional, and, if she settles on a male trainer; one who would not make passes at her. 

“I am not looking for a boyfriend and I don’t mess around with my employees, so, if you get the job don’t try to make any advances on me. This makes me uncomfortable with male employees at times. I hope I land a female instructor, but women with their uncontrollable feeling; I think I am me the problem,” she added.

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The job description, according to the flamboyant singer who is touted as one of the richest artistes in Kenya is:

“Make a training workout program for me, Swimming lessons, outdoor games, play football or ball games with me, eat and drink with me, playing on the beach e.g. building castles with sand -just being babyish. Monday to Friday. Saturday & Sunday - we play on the beach and relax. Training in the morning from 6.00 am to 8.00 am, swimming from 8.00 am to 10 am, Ball games from 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm and from 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm, massage.” 

Akothee [Photo: @akotheekenya]

Known to be astonishingly fit with a strict training and diet regiment, the singer in April 2015 shocked netizens after she told off men with a knack for setting unreasonable weight demands on women.

“If you want a woman with a flat tummy! Please just go marry a snake, don’t go for a healthy woman and start frustrating her with her weight, it’s actually you with the problem ala!  “We can’t keep on changing our bodies to fit into men’s lusts, we are not chameleons.

Wanaume watakutoa roho! You change your colour tone then he cheats on you with aka Akothee the charcoal!

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“He cheats on you with aka 1GB then you start thinking it’s because of your weight! Alas! You are actually going crazy for no reason! Men are wondrous /adventurers…stick to your lane & do exercise to feel good and be healthy not for any thirsty idiot.”