President Museveni’s message on meeting Soukous icon Kanda Bongoman

President Yoweri Museveni with Kanda Bongoman [Photo:@KagutaMuseveni]

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on New Year’s Eve hosted one of his favourite African musicians, Kanda Bongoman.

The Soukous maestro jetted into Uganda on December 26 alongside his dancer, Billi, ahead of the Ugmix dance party that took place on December 31.

 Elated, President Museveni hosted Bongoman at his expansive Kisozi Farm in Central Uganda where they broke bread and accorded the singer an exclusive opportunity to perform for the 75-year-old National Resistance Movement (NRM) party leader. 

“I hosted Kanda Bongoman at the Kisozi Farm earlier. He entertained me with some of his songs like Muchana, Tika Kolela, Bolingo, among others. I appreciate the time with Kanda and wish him well.

To the Bazukulu, fellow countrymen and women, I wish you a happy 2020,” wrote Museveni.


Museveni went on to highlight his talk with Kanda Bongoman where he mentioned he had to sacrifice some of what he loved to help deliver his country from what he termed as slavery. 

“I am happy to welcome Kanda Bongo alias (Kanda Bongo Man), to Kisozi this morning. What is important to note is that there wouldn't be music, business or industry without freedom and security. That is why some of us, abandoned some hobbies to go and fight for freedom. Myself, I enjoyed football and Jim Reeves' music.”

President Yoweri Museveni with Kanda Bongoman [Photo:@KagutaMuseveni]

Museveni narrated that Bongoman confided in him what forced him out of his beloved Democratic Republic of the Congo.

“Kanda Bongoman tells me that he has personally suffered the plight of instability from his home country, forcing him to go to France when he was 17years, and recently had to relocate from South Africa to the U.K when the fake Africans in South Africa carried out the xenophobic attacks. This is a total shame because the majority of present South Africans originated from Cameroon,” he continued. 

The Tika Kolela crooner crossed over the New Year at the Beach Hotel in Entebbe where he gave an electrifying performance. 

South African singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka was, on the other hand, not lucky and ‘deported’ on Visa grounds, according to Ugandan police. 

A move interpreted by some to be a consequence of her ties to Museveni’s arch-rival, Bobi Wine. 

She was expected to perform at the Buganda Kingdom's Enkuuka Y'Omwaka - New Year's Eve party.