‘Njaanuary’ is here! Healthy meals that will cost you less than Sh50

Eat healthy [Photo: Shutterstock]

With the constant economic growth in the country, standards of living have consequently risen with prices of items shooting and many working extra hard to work ends meet.

Despite the high cost of living, it is possible for one can comfortably come up with several sumptuous and healthy meal ideas on a Sh50 budget.

Here are meal ideas to consider if you only got Sh50 left;

Chapati and beans

The first thought that comes to your mind after seeing this combo is probably, ‘you can just go to the kibanda for this and enjoy yourself.’

While this is possible, buying the food from a vendor other than getting it readymade will allow you to ‘customize’ it to your needs.

For example, you can get two Chapatis which goes for Sh10 each, boiled beans for Sh10 and a large onion and tomatoes for Sh20.

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Fry the onion and tomatoes in a pan and add salt and any spice you have. Add the beans and stir until fully coated with the mixture. Add a small amount of water for stew. You got yourself a meal.


Still on the topic of food vendors, for Sh50, you can purchase a bag of githeri for sh10, tomatoes, onions and Coriander/dhania for Sh30 and avocado for sh10.

Fry the onions and tomatoes together, then add the githeri and mix until fully coated. Sprinkle some spices and salt to taste.

Transfer to a plate and sprinkle the Coriander. Serve hot with avocado slices on the side.

Mashed potatoes with steamed spinach

There are so many ways one can prepare potatoes; boiled, roasted, deep-fried, mashed, the list is endless.

For this recipe, you will require potatoes-20, a bunch of spinach-20, a sachet of blue-band/butter-10.

For the potatoes; Wash to get rid of dirt and mud. Peel and boil until soft.

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Mash in a clean bowl, add salt, the butter and any other desired spices. Mix well

Spinach; Wash each leaf and ensure no dirt is left behind.

Chop into desirable sizes and steam. Add salt to taste. Enjoy!

Ugali and Sukuma wiki

Head down to any local posho mill around your area and ask for maize flour, they are normally sold in the amount you desire, which makes it more affordable.

For this recipe you will need; Maize flour-20, a bunch of sukuma wiki-20 and one large onion-10

Wash the vegetables thoroughly and chop into pieces. Fry the onions until medium brown and add the sukuma wiki. Sprinkle salt and cover to cook for a minute or so. Mix well and serve with the already prepared ugali. Yummy!

Instant noodles

How can this list be complete without instant noodle? This is probably one of the cheapest and quickest ways to make fill your belly and make it sing.

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You will need instant noodle-30, a healthy drink (milk)-20

Depending on the instructions given on the package, place the noodles in hot water and leave to cook for a few minutes. When done, add the spices provided. Mix well and enjoy