I’m not ashamed of my polygamous marriage, Esther Passaris says

Esther Passaris. Photo: Courtesy.

Nairobi County Woman Representative Esther Passaris has said that she is not ashamed of her polygamous marriage to billionaire Pius Ngugi.

Speaking to Lilian Muli, the mother of two pointed out that she initially had no plans being in such a marriage, but circumstances forced her to. According to Passaris, she initially had a hard time coming to terms with the polygamous setup.

“I can’t be embarrassed or ashamed of who I am and what I have experienced. So if am ashamed of who I am, I mean there was a time that I battled about being in a polygamous marriage.

“I didn’t plan for it, I ended up in it,” she said.

According to Passaris, despite having differences with her husband, they are good friends.

“I have two beautiful children. Those are a blessing to me. My husband and I have had our troubles but we are good friends, we love each other and that’s what is important,” she added.

Not enough time

Given the polygamous setup, Passaris said that her husband does not spend enough time with their children. However, she praised him for trying his best to create time for their kids.

“We’ve raised two beautiful children even though you know when you are in a polygamous marriage, the father doesn’t have enough time.

Esther Passaris.

“Somebody once said to me that your life is like a book, and every chapter is who you are. So you have to own it. I think they are all learning curves and God puts us through certain experiences so that we can find him. So that we can understand who we are as human beings”, she concluded.

Treating he co-wife’s kids

In a past interview, Passaris said that she amicably co-exists with her co-wife and even buys her step-children gifts.

“When I travel with my husband, I buy presents for the other women’s children, because we are in this situation already. We are many. I know love is emotive. You know what? My first husband is God. I am not going to fight over this man to the point that I destroy other women or their children. I think every woman should be like that,” she said.

Finding husband on date

Passaris also narrated how she once walked in on her husband having lunch with another woman.

“I walked in, I greeted him and went back to my table,” she said.

 “What (was that)? Why didn’t you react?” he husband asked later in the day when they met at home.

“I told him: ‘Darling, what did you want me to do? You wanted me to fight with you in public? I had a business lunch there, you had another woman... was it something I needed to fight for? Because a man is not my God, my God is only one. I cannot fight over a man."