Lesbian-themed ‘Rafiki’ set to be screened across Africa except in Kenya

Rafiki, directed Wanuri Kahiu is set to be screened across African countries except Kenya.

Despite the ban of controversial lesbian-themed film Rafiki by the Kenya Film Classifications Board (KFCB) in 2018, the film seems to be picking up and doing well outside Kenya.

Rafiki, directed Wanuri Kahiu is set to be screened across African countries except in its motherland.

Taking to Twitter to announce the news, Kahiu thanked her crew for their commendable job in putting the film together, announcing the film was now pan-African.

“We are incredibly excited to announce that Rafiki will be released on DSTV BOX OFFICE on 23rd Dec across Africa (except the Republic of Kenya). Congratulations to all the cast and crew! Our film is Pan-African!” tweeted Wanuri.

Rafiki, a love story of two teenage girls who develop a romantic relationship opposed by their families and community caused a stir last year after KFCB boss, Dr. Ezekiel Mutua strongly condemned the production, saying that it encouraged homosexuality hence, corrupted the Kenyan moral culture.

Ban lift

Amid the controversy, Rafiki was nominated for an Oscar under the ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ category.

Unfortunately, the film missed out on the nominations as it was banned at the time hence did not meet the Oscars requirements for the Academy Awards.

One of the requirements was that the film be screened in East Arica where it was made, which consequently prompted Wanuri to go to court. The ban lifted for a week with a daytime-only screenings protocol at the Prestige Cinema in the capital.

The lift saw Kenyans come out in large numbers to watch and support the film.